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We offer different types and flavors of honey to suit all tastes. The raw and natural purity of our honey is never sacrificed because all flavors come from the flower blossoms used. No flavor is added.

Our three types of honey vary in the amount of filtering that is done to each. Varietal honey is the clearest and most filtered, raw honey is lightly strained and a bit cloudier, while comb honey is completely unfiltered.

Ohio Clover Honey jar

Varietal Honey

  • Our most popular seller - the sweet liquid nectar we’re all accustomed to
  • Strained and heated, lending to its crystal clear appearance and long shelf-life
  • Differences in taste and color are a completely natural result of the flower types visited by the bees
  • Easily mixed into foods and used for recipes
Orange blossom Raw honey jar

Raw Honey

  • Unprocessed and still containing the propolis and bee pollen that cause honey to organically crystallize
  • Gently heated and lightly strained, which means the honey has a thicker texture and cloudier appearance than varietal honey
  • The bee pollen’s nutritious benefits make this a super-food, heaping with healthy proteins and amino acids
Ohio Raw honeycomb in a jar

Comb Honey

  • Purest form of honey available with a chunk of honeycomb in the jar
  • Unfiltered, unheated and in its natural state straight from the hive
  • Harvested with the utmost attention and care so the combs remain intact throughout the extraction process