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Pure Honey

More than 'just honey'.

When it comes to the food you and your family eat on a regular basis, authenticity matters. Go to your pantry and read the label on your honey bottle. Is it pure honey? What's on the ingredient list? Too many honey manufacturers are cutting costs by adding corn syrup or other fake food ingredients. At Tonn's Honey, you won't find any other ingredients in our honey!

How do we get different tastes and colors then? Each varietal of honey is different based on the region, floral source, and time of year it was harvested. We don't add any colors or flavors to achieve an exact flavor or color profile. That's the beauty of nature! Not even every batch of Clover honey will look the same.

But here's what will always stay the same, from our Buckwheat honey to our Wildflower honey: our commitment to quality and transparency.

Here's what could vary from batch to batch: the shade of color could be lighter or darker, the hue could range from a clear golden to dark and barely see-through, and the flavor profile could be candy sweet, or deep and earthy. 

If you're ready to learn more and become a honey expert, click on each varietal to learn more!