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Real Honeycomb.

Comb in a Jar honey is just as it sounds — we place a chunk of comb honey in a glass jar, then fill the jar with liquid Star Thistle honey so you can have the best of both worlds.

There are more limited quantities of comb honey due to the quality and attention our beekeepers must take to harvest it.

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    Comb honey

    Posted by Tina McDade on Nov 30th 2020

    This honey is super !

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    Re; great honey

    Posted by Grant Reid on May 6th 2019

    Best honey I’ve ever had the pleasure to taste. The honeycomb is the icing on top

What Makes Comb Honey so good?

When comb honey is harvested, we capture the most natural form of honey available. Honeycomb contains pollen and important antioxidants that help keep you healthy. Because the comb is honey harvested in its purest form, none of the delicate antibiotics and enzymes within the honey are destroyed, meaning all of its natural health properties are preserved.

Begin with Michigan's Star Thistle

Originally from the Mediterranean area, Star Thistle now thrives in northern Michigan. Though it is often seen as a nuisance plant, Star Thistle produces a lot of nectar, appealing to bees. The honey produced from a Star Thistle is light gold in color with a delicate floral taste that is highly popular.

Star Thistle Honey
Pure Honey and Bees

With the healthiest bees

Honey bees are responsible for spreading pollen between flowers, fruits, and vegetables — making them essential to growth. They are the only insect that produces food consumed by humans. Historically, honey has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries — from wound treatment to sore throats and hay fever.

To mouth-watering honeycomb

Honeycomb, particularly in its raw form, is loaded with minerals, amino acids, and proteins that make it the ultimate sweetener. Comb honey is the purest form of honey available, and is an unheated, unfiltered honey with all of the natural proteins, enzymes, and antioxidants that make it a healthful sweetener. Quantities of honeycomb are more limited due to the care and attention required from our beekeepers during harvest.

Pure Honey Comb
Pure Honey Comb

Experience honeycomb in a jar

Enjoy the best hand-harvested honeycomb from Tonn's Honey located in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country.

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