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Our varietal honey is the most popular line we offer. The variety of flavors can be attributed to the natural essences of the flower types visited by the bees. We never add any flavoring or fillers to our honeys because they simply don’t need it – they are naturally delicious.

The honey we receive from the beekeepers is what we pass along to our customers. The only interventions we make are to filter the honey to ensure shelf stability, creating the crystal clear honey you know and love, and to heat the liquid just enough for it to flow into the bottles.

Our Varieties


Clover honey is a classic variety that is made from bees pollenating in clover fields. It has a delicate flavor with mild sweetness, a smooth consistency, and a golden hue. This is the most common honey in the US with a wide appeal.


Wildflower honey is derived from a multitude of local wildflowers. With this variety, the season and time of year play a factor in the aroma, color, and taste of the honey, but it is typically light and fragrant.


The buckwheat variety comes from buckwheat flower nectar and is the darkest variety we offer. It’s a deep brown color with a rich, full-bodied flavor. Its nutty sweetness is a great compliment to hearty breads and baked goods.

Orange Blossom

Orange blossom honey is the outcome of bees pollinating the blossoms of orange trees and it is made in warmer climates, including places like Florida and southern California. The honey has a delicate citrus taste and is typically light in color with a refreshing fragrance.