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Pure Raw Honey

Beehive Originals - the most natural honey available!

Beehive Originals is beehive goodness at its most original. The honey goes through a slow and low temperature warming process and is strained through a 600 micron strainer to include as much natural goodness as possible without the hive debris.

Because of this unique process, Beehive Originals will crystalize rapidly. You might even purchase it while it is hardened. But even though it is thick, it can still be spread on bread or dissolved in tea.

By buying Beehive Originals, you are adding all the natural goodness of honey to your lifestyle – nothing added, straight from the beehive.

Try one of three flavors: Clover, Orange Blossom, or Wildflower! Or if you are seeking the purest form of raw honey, go for the Comb in a Jar, where we’ve immersed a chunk of raw honeycomb in smooth Star Thistle honey - preserving all of its natural goodness. The honeycomb can be eaten plain, spread on toast or crackers, or enjoyed with fruit for a sweet and crunchy snack.