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Bee & Butterfly Wildflower Mix

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Attract pollinators with this surprising blend!

With its abundance of nectar-rich blooms, the Bee & Butterfly Wildflower Mix can be planted to attract beautiful pollinators in any region of the country! Containing 16 annual and perennial wildflowers including Wild Cosmos, Rocket Larkspur, Echinacea, and Catchfly, this diverse blend delivers stunning color throughout the season. A great choice for a variety of soil types, this mix contains only 100% pure non-GMO seeds.

Planting tips: Remove existing grass or weeds by tilling. It is best to wait a week or two and let the existing wee seeds sprout, then till again before seeding. Spread seeds and cover with straw. Wildflower seeds will germinate over a 2-3 week period and soil surface must be kept moist. 

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