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Orange Blossom Honey Sticks

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Around here, we like to say,

Honey is nature's finest natural sweetener.

Sometimes you need a quick energy boost, like when you're hiking a mountain, or out shopping with your children, or even in labor! Other times you might find yourself at a cafe or restaurant, and you don't like the honey options they offer - now you can reach for a Honey Stick with total peace of mind.

While honey is a sugar, it's a NATURAL sugar - which means your body will adapt to it easier. Each stick contains a teaspoon of honey, which is 15 calories! That's why a Honey Stick is a great addition to your snack drawer. 

Each pack comes with 12 Honey Sticks, so you can make it last or share it with anyone who needs it.

Orange Blossom: A white to extra-light amber honey with a distinctive flavor and the aroma of orange blossoms.